Sunday, February 20, 2011

March Book

Olive Kitteridge
by Elizabeth Strout

Sat. March, 19
10 Sally's

Ta-da....two-years-ago Pulitzer.  We're behind my ladies.

Must admit I'm reticent. The titles of her last two books:  Amy and Isabella and Abide with Me...well, not the sort of titles that usually inspire OLPD.  This Kitteridge business isn't great either.  OLPD will offer to help Liz fight for better titles -- if we like this one.

Even if we don't...

Elizabeth is darling.  See.

Now a video discussion.  I don't know what this is.  Looks like a friend interviewing her.  A friend with a gray basement.  But Strout speaks of the denseness and seriousness of our  lives, which bodes well.  She also seems to talk about music, but I lost that thread because my husband was bothering me and picked up again at the bit about foolish readerst, which of course is true. She leaves off with a bit about the "pure and the simple and the honest," which left me with a sudden urge for four hotdogs with everything and a really great show from the BBC, like that Monarchy series.


Of course, I, as well as the other OLPD members, are out of sorts with the P judges because of  The Tinkers, which we thought was akin to jacking off with pretty words.  We're all for pretty words, but figure America's best should supply a plot and so forth as well.  So we're coming to Olive with a ghosted feeling of something jellied and opaque in our hands.