Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dec./Jan. Book

The Goldfinch
by Donna Tartt

Jan. 18
10 a.m.
MT Coffee Traders

The cult of Donna Tartt by Hannah Rosefield

When The Secret History was published in September 1992, hype had been building for months. The author, Donna Tartt, was 28. She had received a $450,000 advance. She was elegant and miniature (“I’m the exact same size as Lolita,” she told an interviewer) and enigmatic. She could recite poetry, even entire short stories, by heart. As an undergraduate, legendary writer and editor Willie Morris had read her work and approached her with the words, “My name’s Willie Morris, and I think you’re a genius.”

Tartt’s vogueish glamour was boosted by her connections to the “literary brat pack,” a young, East Coast group of writers ...Read More