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Karen Wills

A founding member of OLPD, Karen is the lit-task master of the group, making us read Joyce and consider themes and historical context and such.

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In Life Books Letters, Karen explores the influence books have had on her life in a between-the-covers style blogmemoir  Join her by reading participating in the discussion.

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Janice Mazure's Amazon review:

Remarkable Silence is a remarkable exploration of a culture-shattering `what if' . . . What if credible, first-person historical writings were discovered which shook---no, obliterated-- the very foundations of the three major religions? What impact would the newly-disclosed truth have on religious and political institutions across the globe? Meticulously researched, Remarkable Silence alternates between the astonishing text of the ancient tablets authored by contemporaries of Moses through and beyond Mary, mother of Jesus, and the modern day reaction to their shocking revelations by political and religious leaders determined to destroy the tablets or use them for their own ends. Peopled with cunning politicians, ruthless assassins, and true-believers of every faith who will do anything to protect their own `truth', the story deftly penetrates the inner circles of Washington, Jerusalem, Palestine, and the Vatican and explodes in an utterly unexpected, disturbing but surprisingly satisfying ending. Remarkable Silence raises many hard questions about the nature of faith, truth and power. Are faith and truth compatible? Does truth even matter to faith? Does power control truth? A thought-provoking novel, but people of faith be warned: it is not for the faint of heart.


Cindy Dyson

A founding member of OLPD, Dyson is, currently, the slacker of the group. She's failed to read 1/3 of the books in the last year but comes anyway.

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